cvr300hhpppweb4“…an entertaining volume about a relentlessly fascinating character.”

Publisher’s Weekly

One of the most famous and enigmatic Americans of the twentieth century, Howard Hughes packed theaters with his blockbuster films, thrilled the world with his aviation exploits, was linked with almost every major film beauty of the 1930s and ’40s, and transformed his father’s small fortune into a vast business empire, becoming one of the world’s first billionaires.


But for all his celebrated achievements, Hughes’ later years in Las Vegas – when drug addiction, bizarre behavior, and a casino buying spree dominated his days – continue to fascinate the public. Geoff Schumacher, a veteran journalist and author of Sun, Sin & Suburbia: An Essential History of Modern Las Vegas, delves into the Las Vegas years of Howard Hughes in this engrossing portrait of a man whose impact on the city is still being felt today.


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