Voyage Las Vegas


Author Geoff Schumacher was recently filmed by Voyage.TV as a presenter for a Las Vegas segment. The luxury travel channel and website feature exotic destinations from around the world. Geoff shared his vast knowledge of Las Vegas, past and present, as he cruised the Strip in a pristine 1955 Pontiac Fire Chief convertible.


One Response to Voyage Las Vegas


    Dear Geoff,

    I can’t imagine the toll your book on HRH must have taken on you and your family. Not to mention the exordinary effort you went through to amass so much great info and pertinent folks who were in the know.

    Rarely is such a dynamic example of money being unable to buy happiness as HRH attests, it’s hard to imagine the impact HRH had on the entire state of Nevada. To recall his initial blacked-out, rooms of gloom from the Beverly Hills hotel in the late 50’s, a man stark naked but for a pearl-cover, stacking tissue ad nausem, who could have predicted such a monumental come back a decade later? As Ron Kistler wrote so eloquently, it was no picnic being ‘close’ to HRH. Jars of urine, the same movie 12 times, madness at its best.

    Then to move his whole show east to the Bahamas, then Boston I believe, to finally decide on Tuscon, and then Vegas at the last minute just couldn’t be made up. Arriving by private rail car, here’s my point. For the millions that he spent, the lives he touched indirectly, and his impact on the Vegas’ economy, they all pale in retrospect because he never saw nor set foot on Vegas’ soil in the late 60’s. Not once. He did all his bidding from the penthouse of the DI.

    Why has no one ever done a movie (based on your book would ideal) on HRH’s years in Vegas’???

    That would be phenominial…

    M. Dantley, The Unwritten Rules of the Road, 2004.

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