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  1. Parpar says:

    I’ve just learned about your new Hughes book, and want to read it. (BTW, I visited Las Vegas a couple of years ago, and noted how Disneyfied it’s become . . . although I was also annoyed by those families standing on busy corners handing out what I call “hooker cards.” And are any of the casinos Hughes once owned still in existence?) I’m planning to do a biographical sketch of Hughes for DEAF LIFE’s “Deaf People in History” department, even if it is a bit of stretch categorizing him as deaf. I’m currently researching photos, to see which ones to purchase (and photos are a major expense for us).

    I wanted to ask you about the alleged photo of Hughes taken in 1972 at a Vancouver airport, and posted on the Corbis/Bettmann gallery, together with an authentic 1947 photo of Hughes taken from a similar angle. It shows a very ill-looking but clean-shaven and neatly-barbered old man almost in profile. Corbis’s caption calls this “unconfirmed.” Do you think that the photo does indeed show Hughes? The old man’s upper lip and earlobe have sagged (compared to the 1947 photo), but the nose look very much the same. Elsewhere, I’ve read the commentary of a blogger (who reposted the photo on his site), who said that someone who saw Hughes near the end of his life denied that it was the same man . . . but the blogger noted the physionomical similarities. What do you think?

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